Her tutor crossed the border between attention and love


In mijn onschuld

Her tutor crossed the border between attention and love

Merel van Groningen wrote this book using a pseudonym. She was fifteen years old when her boyfriend made her work as a prostitute. She told her shocking story in the bestseller “Misleid”. Nowadays, she is happily married.
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Merel is fifteen years old when she meets 26 year old Mike through one of her friends. There is a certain attraction between them from the very first moment, and a special friendship arises. All Merel gets at home are arguments, and her school results keep getting worse. Her mother and stepfather decide to send her to a boarding house. The friendship between Mike and Merel is only getting better and the two fall in love.
Misled is the intriguing story of a girl that is slowly getting caught in the web of a so-called pimp. Merel could escape in time and wants to use this book to warn other young women.
After a tough period, Merel van Groningen returns to the boarding house where she has lived before at the age of fifteen. She was a traumatized, lonely teenager, desperately looking for love. She found love with her tutor. He gave her the feeling she was beautiful and special, and that she had a special place in his heart. He used this tactic to trick her into a secret relationship.
Only when Merel found out she was not his only lover, she understood that he had misused her trust. He, more than anyone else, should have known better. He was fired on the spot. Merel had to continue living with a broken heart. This is her own story.