Caught in the web of a pimp

Merel van Groningen | En plotseling ben je van hem | Misleid: Ik was gevangen in het web van een loverboy | caught in the web of a pimp

Plotseling ben je van hem…

Misleid | Plotseling van je van hem

Caught in the web of a pimp

As soon as you are caught in the web of a pimp, you cannot see a way out. You think you are on your own and you are afraid.
Of course, not every pimp works the same way. But there are many similarities. They pamper you, make you feel good and then start to threaten you. They scare you so that they have power over you.
The media show a certain lack of understanding for the victims. “You cannot just be put away in the red light district!” is something I have often heard. If only they knew what fear and embarrassment could do to someone. I have to live with those scars.

Merel is fifteen years old when she meets 26 year old Mike though one of her friends. There is a certain attraction between the two from the very first moment, and a special friendship arises. All Merel gets at home are arguments, and her school results keep getting worse. Her mother and stepfather decide to send her to a boarding house. The friendship between Mike and Merel is only getting better and the two fall in love. Merel couldn’t be happier by the feeling Mike gives her. Finally, she is important to someone, someone who loves her…
Merel van Groningen wrote this book using a pseudonym. She does not see anyone from this dark period of her life anymore.
Misleid” is the intriguing story of a girl that slowly gets caught in the web of a so-called pimp.